Article plagiarism checker

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

The term ‘Article’ is mostly associated with journalism or more specifically – the news. An article has to be published to be considered an article, so it usually portraits the news or something that is worth the attention of the general public or a specific audience. So there are a lot of various types of articles, for example, you can write:

  • A scientific article
  • A journal article
  • A research article

However, an article has to be useful for the reader and original at the same time. Let’s talk more about the latter quality and trait.

Check your articles for plagiarism

Now whether you are a content creator, a writer or a publisher, making sure that the articles are original and not copied is essential to their job. There are natural consequences for those who choose to let plagiarism out into the general public. If you are a magazine, a newspaper or a person responsible for publishing – people start to lose interest when you print out plagiarism. If you are a writer or a student – you lose your job, get worse grades or could even be even prosecuted. If you are a teacher or a professor – it is in your duty to prevent plagiarism from being evaluated positively and allowing the “plagiator” to succeed. Depending on how much is at stake and how much piracy is present, responsible people can choose the course of action which they see fit. With articles, the most severe punishments are much less common, but that can happen.

We offer you a solution and a way to make your articles a lot more original. Try out Plagramme – a free premium article plagiarism checker online. Now the term ‘Article plagiarism checker’ defines software and tools which can detect plagiarism and copy in your articles and all sorts of texts. The algorithms and processes are very advanced, but for the user, everything is just a mouse click away.

Upload, check and see the results. You can use Plagramme for free or pay a certain price for access to the full array of options and functions. Nevertheless, you can spread the word about Plagramme on social media and get full access to the article plagiarism checker in its entirety. It works great for checking scientific articles, journalistic pieces, both broad and narrow-themed documents.

What sets Plagramme apart from the rest?

First of all, we are the first genuinely multilingual plagiarism checking service. Our entire team is driven by the same goal and vision of creating: ‘A precise plagiarism checker with the ability to use it for free and remain completely confidential’, so it is also a discreet service that protects you and your content. By detecting more than 120 languages, we can compare every single document you upload to more than 14 trillion pieces in our database. Everything happens within a minute or two, and you can view the in-depth report with percentage points showing which specific aspects of the text are lacking and see where plagiarism was detected.