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Mike Deep • November 5, 2019

We all know essays as written pieces that give insights into the author’s opinion on a specific topic. However, there are many different types of essays such as a narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essays and so on. No matter the type, if you are a student or a person in the academic and educational circle, you “meet” or write essays regularly. There are so many people globally who write essays, yet there aren’t that many ideas or questions to ask. So, it is highly likely that if you write an essay on a broader topic, someone has already written practically the same thing somewhere else in the world. Whether you are Italian, American, Chinese or French, the world has become more and more globalized meaning that making your ideas unique is becoming increasingly difficult.

Do not worry though because Plagramme is a duplicate essay checker dedicated mostly for students who need to avoid plagiarism in essays from the USA, the UK and the rest of the world. So, what is essay plagiarism and duplicate/plagiarism checker and what it does for you?

Rewriting could take days or weeks while checking is quick

If you are in college and you are given the task of writing an essay, you usually do not worry. Essays are generally considered quite easy to do, and so forth many students leave them for the night before the final deadline. That is a cliché, and a naïve mindset gets the best out of students every time. Even though it seems not challenging to write it, once in a blue moon, you get the inspiration of a lifetime to squeeze out originality, quality and not write a complete copy of something else if you start with pressure right out of the gate. With the lack of time that is apparent, students do the inevitable and choose to rewrite or take someone else’s work.

For teachers, this means that the students’ quality of work suffers greatly. Their university essay is not up to par even from first glance. The benefit of the doubt is out of the question, and since academic honesty and integrity is threatened, teachers and educators have to respond.

Underestimating the difficulty in writing an excellent essay is a common oversight that has been a part of students’ daily routine probably since the dawn of time. However, as a full-fledged member of the academic community, you cannot cheat and use forgery to get good grades. If a professor or any one member of the university staff catch you – that is it, you could be penalized with bad grades, suspended or even expelled.

Do not worry about that though because there is a free and straightforward solution online. Dear student, meet Plagramme – the first real multilingual essay plagiarism checker. Without having to deal with massive and severe repercussions of being caught with a copied essay, sign up to Plagramme for free. Upload your document and check it for plagiarism. Within a few minutes, possibly even quicker than that, our essay authenticity checker will analyze your text and provide you with results. Given that your essay has more than 0% plagiarism – you can fix everything right there on the spot. There is a corrector online; we call it the online correction tool which you can use to remove mistakes and mend the text quickly.

What is the best essay format for Plagramme?

All of them can be read and analyzed equally. No one format is worse or best for Plagramme. Whenever you upload your essay to our website, the same procedure happens, every single text runs through the same algorithms and processes, and since Plagramme is the best essay checker in the business, the outcome will show the exact result.

Is it shallow or an in-depth check?

You could believe that our tool only checks the name and some critical parts of the essay to save time, but that is not true. Plagramme is a thorough essay content checker software that scans the entire content. In the final report, you will see which material is paraphrased improperly, what citations are done wrong, what are the signs of plagiarism, etc. This is why the checking takes a while. However, it is still the most advanced essay checker available today.

Is it free or do I have to pay?

This essay plagiarism checker can be completely free. We believe in a business model where the customer only pays if he or she wishes to do so. Nevertheless; there is a difference between the free version and the premium Plagramme version which is pay-to-access. If you are looking for a way to have passage to the best features of this software, you can avoid paying and share us on social media to get full access!

Still not convinced this is the best essay checker around?

Okay, so let’s divulge a few key aspects where Plagramme can offer you the best benefits.

  • Price – it is free to use while most of the other essay checkers have fees for access plus any individual check of the document
  • Essay checker checks for plagiarism online – you won’t have to download and use your storage space. Everything can be accessed from our website online.
  • Straightforwardness – similarity between your and other essays is going to be instantly detected and showed. Wait for the results and see for yourself.
  • Discreetness – for college students and people working in a university or a school, it is essential to be able to check or compare their writing to the lot. If there are signs of plagiarism in your essay, Plagramme will let you know without alerting anyone or anything. Your documents are also being protected
  • Multilingual functionality – whether you upload a document written in Spanish, French, Russian, English or another language – most likely we can check it for plagiarism and help you rewrite it better
  • Additional features – for an extra cost, you can consult with language and writing experts who will give you insights and tips on your essay.