Free online plagiarism checker with percentage

Mike Deep • October 15, 2018

Plagramme is a free online plagiarism checker software with percentage evaluation. Thousands of users who are private individuals, students in high schools and universities, teachers and all sorts of educators, professional writers, and blog post authors, business people and enterprises use our no word limit plagiarism checker. It’s excellent for small articles and also for large documents because we work without imposing a word limit to our clients.

Now, why is the percentage significant? It is crucial because by the percentage you can best determine the accurate value of how much actual plagiarism is in the document itself. It could be 2, 5 or 10 percent, and that is a major difference between them. However, you would not know if there are now percentage points. Here is how you can benefit from these evaluations and what they do for students, educators, and others.

How do you check the plagiarism percentage?

Well, you need a plagiarism checker first. The software which checks and evaluates plagiarism with percentage points. Plagramme is without a doubt your best option in this sphere. A free advanced plagiarism checker suited for thesis, for research papers, for articles, blog posts and all other sorts of writing. It is a broad yet highly specialized tool for all kinds of documents regardless of their difficulty.

Sign up for free or contact us to create an account for business clients. Setting up a free private account happens in almost an instant and takes a few minutes tops. Log in after signing up, and you’re good to go. Check any amount of documents without any limits or restrictions. Upload the word document on the screen or via the upload tab and start the evaluation.

With regards to word documents, we say that because as of today, Plagramme can check only .doc and .docx extension files which are the most common of MS Word file formats. Convert files to these formats because our readers will simply not recognize them.

Getting back to the question of how to check and summing it up :

  1. Sign up and log in
  2. Select the document which you want to check for plagiarism (convert it to appropriate formats if you haven’t done so already)
  3. Start the checking procedure

How many percents of plagiarism is acceptable?

After the check is completed, you get evaluations and results. For all documents, Plagramme generates the same type of reports. These reports show amazing in-depth details of plagiarism in your papers (if there is any). Evaluating by general criteria, almost every one of them is in percentage. So, what percentage of plagiarism can be considered acceptable?

We have to disclose that results or conditions of acceptable plagiarism may vary according to many different circumstances. Nevertheless, with Plagramme we consider anywhere less than 5% being a good mark. 0% is perfect because it shows that your content is original and truly unique. 1-5 % can be pure technicalities which are sometimes unavoidable. But, you have to obligation to not improve your document further. We can help you cut the number down to 0% without too much trouble. Our paid version has an online editing tool capable of assisting you in your quest to fix and ‘repair’ any text.

In short, Plagramme can say that anywhere until 5% is acceptable, but there is no need to settle with anything more than 0%.

What additional features does Plagramme – the free online plagiarism checker with percentage evaluations, has?

Here are a few tremendously useful features:

  • Billions of sources – from indexed websites to high-level academic work, Plagramme can find plagiarism unlike anything else with accuracy and pace. A check is quick and effortless. Just imagine how long it would take to do it mechanically or on your own…
  • In-depth reports – for a small fee (which you do not have to pay if you share Plagramme on social media) anyone can view the reports. They provide insight on plagiarism, provide viewable sources from where the content was plagiarised You won’t be able to do much if you don’t look at the report.
  • Free and paid – all of our users can sign up for free, but there are some premium features, accessible only to those users who have enough funds in their Plagramme However, you can only pay if you wish since there is a possibility to earn credits by spreading the word about us on social and other designated media.
  • Accurate analysis and results – our software nails down the plagiarism right down to a single syllable, comma or space. Effective distribution of evaluation criteria allows our users to see what is copied in their text by percentage points.
  • Other additional features – start an in-depth analysis for a more analytical and diverse look into your document or order tutoring service. The service helps you improve your writing and gets you insights and recommendations from professionals in the field.

How to make the most out of using Plagramme?

Since you have unlimited words upload and checking capabilities, you can review as many documents as you like, as many times as you want. Other service providers have a word cap which you cannot exceed and tax you for any excess value in words. We do not have that.

Furthermore, our service is entirely online. Nothing needs to be downloaded, and nothing will cram up your hard drive space. However, you can download reports for checking at your own preference. This way you make them available to you offline. Reports are exported as pdf files meaning you can read and analyze them anywhere you go.

If you happen to have any questions, inquiries, suggestions or are having trouble and want to report it– hit us up via email or the contact form. We look into every message we received and try to answer ASAP.