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Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

If you ever wondered ‘how to get plagiarism checker for free?’, or how to check a regular Microsoft Word file for plagiarism, you might have stumbled upon a few issues.

  1. Most services cannot offer even a free plagiarism test; they are pay-to-use right from the getgo
  2. The free tools do not give comprehensive information on the text and its originality

Forget and shoo away your misery because we have a solution to all of that! A free plagiarism scanner that can check an unlimited number of words (Yup, no limit on words), works without trial, offers impressive features to all of its users, possess a great track record and checks documents quickly. Ladies and gentlemen – Plagramme!

A completely free plagiarism checker software for your research paper and other writing. Is that even possible?

In short and long – yes! Plagramme is an entirely free online plagiarism checker and software that is available online and is used by universities, businesses, private companies, web companies and individual customers alike. Plagramme has a global reach and works without imposing a word limit for all users. It delivers a result with certificate of authenticity, accurateness and valuable insight.

Not too good to be true. Just too good not to be not used.

The free online plagiarism checking system Plagramme is a high-end plagiarism checker that users can access for free. If you have no desire to pay actual money, you can share and recommend Plagramme to your friends on social media and get full and uninterrupted access to a full array of our services. Besides, our specialty is finding and spotting plagiarism, which we do better than your current go-to plagiarism checker. If your go-to still isn’t us that is…

All jokes aside, we have a ton of beneficial and advantageous features you can test out! Avoid using, passing or writing a total copy of something else by merely spending a few seconds on Plagramme. Now isn’t that easy or what?

So, how does it work?

It is quite simple. You upload your text file or copy the text from your drive, upload it to Plagramme, and sophisticated algorithms along with billions of documents in our database do the rest. Our software displays the results via scoring and giving detailed evaluations of a few key aspects that determine whether the document contains plagiarism or not. The software works by focusing on the five main elements which we consider to be the defining factors of plagiarism:

  • The similarity between your and other documents
  • Risk of plagiarism in the paper or file you have uploaded
  • Regular paraphrasing which usually defines plagiarism – we can detect it using algorithms
  • Bad citations that display uneven attention to detail and quotes with errors
  • Matches in-between the text.

So whether you upload:

  • articles,
  • essays
  • Medical papers or documents regarding specific subjects for example science papers, law documents etc.
  • reports
  • bachelor thesis, master thesis or any thesis for that matter
  • coursework
  • dissertation

Plagramme is the best tool for you! Free and of course the full version of Plagramme will be able to determine whether the document in question is original, copied or falls merely short regarding its quality. The software shows the percentage of plagiarism found in your particular upload. It is not only useful for teachers as individuals, and business users can get maximum benefits from our software as well.

You get the basic service package free. However, if you wish to find where the original paper(s) are located and seek to know more about them – it is a premium feature. Disappointed? Do not be because you can share with us on social media and get access to these, usually premium services, free of charge. Now can other plagiarism checking services offer you that?

How can you use it?

You can use the best available free plagiarism detector online by simply signing up. The sign-up process is charge and fee-free – no strings attached. Scan the whole document you need to check in an instant without having to haggle and spending to obtain a license key. It is effective, legit, quick and accurate to the maximum possible extent.

Once you are signed up, it’s time to get to work! Plagramme has an incredibly intuitive and truly easy to use interface that users in all age groups and regions around the world can understand. Simple, fresh and very straightforward. After signing up and familiarising yourself with the main screen, you can get to the checking right away. Our plagiarism detector is easy to pick up and requires no previous skills or past experiences to get familiar with.

  1. Upload your document or documents
  2. Select the desired checking priority (There are three in total)
    1. The quickness of checking depends on it
    2. The depth of the final analysis depends on it
  3. Wait until the check is completed. You will see whether Plagramme has a lot of other documents in the queue. Do not forget that you can speed it up by switching to a different method anytime
  4. View the in-depth analysis of your document right after

Easily compare two documents or spot similarities, signs of plagiarism between any two documents.

Take in mind that depending on the length of your document, the plagiarism check can be prolonged, also. You have unlimited uploads, and the basic test for plagiarism is entirely free and unlimited. This means that you have no limit on word amount, size in pages and other restrictions for length and size are not applicable. However, we strongly recommend opting for the priority check if you need it quickly or the in-depth analysis if you are interested in a more detailed look into your text.

We also offer Tutoring for an additional fee. A team of linguistic experts, native in your respective language, will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the text, share tips and give insights on how the content, style, vocabulary or structure can be improved. If you are keen on maxing out the quality of your paper – this is the way to go!

Plagramme insights

When you type something up or check someone else’s text file for copycat acts, plagiarism, etc., there should not be a single worry or thought in your mind that prevents you from desiring or seeking out full 100% originality out of any particular document. We at Plagramme can help you spot out original ‘real deals’ and shoo away the fake and non-worthy texts + detect any acts of plagiarism. We check through everything. We evaluate every sentence, comma and the document itself, inside and out to find every clunky or non-original part in it.

More and more texts are facing the threat of plagiarism. Places like the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Russia and other countries all over the world are suffering more and more plagiarism in various sectors of life, science, and the economy.

Why is Plagramme necessary for you and society as a whole?

First of all, let us begin by looking at things from the perspective of an individual consumer. Many people who work in an office and almost every single one of university or college students end up having to deal with texts and creative or academic writing virtually on a daily basis. This is tiring and can cause a “Famine of ideas” so to speak. If a person is forced to write on a topic that is not very interesting to him or her or if he or she finds it difficult – chances are the text could be lacking in quality or worse off – copied. What ends up happening is that employers, lecturers or people responsible for looking at your writing are not satisfied with your work and the evaluation is automatically lowered. We could help you avoid this unpleasant issue by integrating complex analytical algorithms to maximize the uniqueness and exclusivity of any particular text that you upload to our system. For individuals choosing Plagramme to tend to personal needs, the software is entirely free! Only pay if you wish.

For universities, Plagramme serves as the best possible plagiarism checker today! It has a massive database to accommodate needs for checking with various topics, finding citations, matching documents from multiple decades, etc. Plagiarism has been rapidly rising in the past couple of decades and universities have been sub-par in the battle against it. However, with the rise of digital technology, platforms like Plagramme enable academic organizations to monitor their future alumni better, make sure that everything is done according to the rules, is legit and represent the best qualities of the institution.

Regarding SEO agencies, creative writing bureaus, Ad companies, and many more entities that are at least in the tiniest bit related to text writing – Plagramme allows your texts to be unique and fluid. No one wants to do copy-paste. That is boring. We can make you see the errors, find flaws and help you and your content become unique while keeping it plagiarism free! Besides, you can monitor any website’s content for maximum authenticity and minimal plagiarism.

How can people and organizations benefit from Plagramme?

For students. If you are a university or college student, it is reckless and just short-sighted not to use a plagiarism checker. You will be punished severely and can find yourself at the end of a very terrible situation. On the other hand, by using Plagramme, you can significantly impact your final assessment on the paper in the most positive way.

Companies and businesses. As time goes by, it is becoming more and more critical to protect and prevent copyright violations. This is a huge deal everywhere around the world where the economy and industries are trying to maximize profits and minimize losses.

For teachers, lecturers, and professors. Just like students, their work would be so much more troubling and challenging without having a plagiarism checker. No pass for copied or knock-off papers, thesis or works. We help preserve academic qualities and honor all over the globe.

Plagramme – the world’s first genuinely multilingual Plagiarism checker

We are very proud of being recognized as a national plagiarism checker in 3 different countries. This is an achievement of which we are very proud. By utilizing state of the art detection algorithms, we can fully and fluidly process text written in:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Estonian
  • Slovenian
  • Czech
  • Latvian
  • Hungarian
  • Bulgarian
  • Macedonian
  • Ukrainian
  • 100+ other languages

The label we got; of being the world’s first accurate multilingual plagiarism checker is pleasing and completely accurate. Test it out and see for yourself!

All digital

With innovations just ramping up in the 21st century, Plagramme is looking to stay ahead of the technological curve. In this ever-changing landscape of virtual technology, you have to stay ahead to satisfy customers. Our system is entirely digital, you only need to complete the registration, and your documents and data can be stored online.

Why choose it over anything else?

That is an excellent question. First of all, saying something like that, pulled out of thin air without any real arguments to back it up might seem a little arrogant… However, Plagramme has a lot of features that separate us from the rest of plagiarism checkers and allows for a much more fluid customer experience, useful and productive time spending on the site, along with being completely free.

We do recommend trying out at least a few plagiarism checking programs before you make a decision on which one floats your boat best. In the end, however, even if you decide to try it out for the tiniest bit, you most likely will have to pay. See, most of the plagiarism checkers are pay-to-use while Plagramme allows you to pay if you want. Otherwise, you can share us on social media and access pro or premium options for free!

Besides, our software is equal or superior to your favorite plagiarism checker’s. And we can offer you free services. Now that is an offer you just cannot refuse.

Conclusion and final thoughts

If you are still feeling hesitant towards using Plagramme – don’t be. Since it can be completely free, you save your funds and get a proper check for plagiarism in the meantime. Our competitors do not even come close regarding reaching the accessibility and easiness of use that we do. Besides, the ability to get in-depth analysis and insightful data from text writing experts, lecturers and analysts will significantly boost your confidence as a writer, prevent you from accepting mistakes or making them.

Try it out for free today, and we hope we will see you around more often!