Plagiarism checker for students

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

Whether you study economics, IT, digital marketing, law, philosophy, philology or maybe you’re still in high school, the fact of the matter is that you have to deal with writing and written tasks almost on a daily basis when you are a school or a university student. With some subjects, you have to do more writing, with others – less. However, depending on how you write, how original your thesisreport, paper, article, coursework, essay or a dissertation is, it reflects on your grades and even the diploma. No one wants bad grades, that’s a fact, yet people still get them. One of the causes why bad grades are still a problem for a large portion of students is plagiarism. Plagiarism is the theft of content and the ideas of someone else without giving them the proper credit or expropriating it as your own’s work. We could ramble about the cause for plagiarism for hours, but we’ll try to keep it short and put the emphasis not on the problem itself but instead on its solution, OK?

A free plagiarism checker for students – Plagramme

In this day and age, you probably have heard the term ‘plagiarism checker’, ‘originality detector’ or synonyms tossed around. The whole array of terms derives from the original two-word combination ‘plagiarism checker’ defining a piece of software or a system dedicated to spotting and identifying signs of plagiarism in a particular paper. Plagiarism has steadily ‘increased its popularity’ between UK students, students from the USA and for most pupils in high schools and colleges/universities across the Western world.

The 21st century gives practically limitless information resources for high school students and university students alike. No matter what task you are given, what objectives do you have to complete, there is a big chance that someone has done the work before you and it is on the internet. Some people see it as an easy way out, but that only creates harm subsequently damaging their grades along with denting reputation in the long run. Lecturers and professors find it quite simple to spot if you copied or knocked off someone else’s work. They use Plagramme, the only real multilingual plagiarism checker. Our software has a database of 14 trillion original articles so trust us; it is not that hard to spot plagiarism.

The best thing about Plagramme is that is entirely free. For college students, and everyone for that matter who pays for their studies it is a great way to improve your writing without spending a single penny.

The online plagiarism checker – how does it work for students?

The working principle of Plagramme is quite straightforward.

  1. Sign up
  2. Start uploading the word documents that need to be checked for plagiarism (You are not format restricted, Word is just an example)
  3. Initiate the check for plagiarism
  4. Wait for the results
  5. Analyze and download the evaluation with report that gives in-depth info on plagiarism

The similarity scanner tool runs your text through a set of algorithms that we have created and compares it to over 14 trillion individual articles in our database. First, we check the language in which the document is written in (We detect more than 100 languages and can fully work with almost 20), then our tracker identifies the points of interest and marks them for you using color-coding. The final analysis is completed within a very short timeframe, usually in less than a minute. However, the period could be prolonged or increase depending on the exact length of your document. Since you have no word limitPlagramme can be your savior not only by dealing with a small report, but by also saving behinds for graduate students, and without the word limit being imposed you can also use it for research papers, bachelor or master thesis, etc.

Our database which we compare your paper on is comprised of not only broad-themed and abstract articles but also specific, technical and extremely meticulous high-level articles. So it means that Plagramme is excellent for law students who struggle with legal terms and Latin citations, science students that have tons of names and laboratory work, medics and all other kinds of scholars regardless of their studied discipline. It goes the same regarding high school pupils.

Is the plagiarism checker necessary for students?

From our professional and personal experience, a plagiarism checker for students and as a matter of fact, a free online plagiarism checker for students is rapidly becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. With people and students combining work and social life with their studies, time available for research on an article and all sorts of written work – diminishes. That is understandable, yet it should not be an excuse to use someone else’s work as your own. If you decide to act reckless, you need to understand that there is more than on plagiarism finder online. It is almost sure that your professors and teachers use it to detect plagiarism so if you do copy, the bad things will hit the fan… Trust us.

There is an entirely free plagiarism checker for students where you only pay if you wish. If you do not want to spare extra funds for the software, share us on social media and you get access to premium features in exchange. These include the ability to view a point-by-point analysis of your paper with report generated for your individual work. You can download it in PDF format or watch it online. The report shows the risk and presence of plagiarism in your paper with percentage. Test it out and see for yourself!

A final word from Plagramme – free online plagiarism checker for students

You should not be persuaded to use a plagiarism checker. That is a no-brainer in today’s information and digitalization age. If you search for such services online, you are going to find that most plagiarism checkers for students are either pay to use and expensive. We’re not. Besides, our database is amongst the largest in the business, so what are you waiting for, try Plagramme – the plagiarism checker for students today!