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Mike Deep • August 9, 2015

Plagiarism can be a crippling mistake for any student, regardless of level. If you simply give your paper to the professor without realizing that there were a few plagiarized lines in there, you could be facing suspension from the school! Considering that plagiarism is not always a conscious mistake, since you could easily be recalling what you have the previous read and accidentally rewrite it in the paper, there are a few steps that you can take to prevent plagiarism from happening. The main tool that you can use is a plagiarism checker.

Plagramme – Free Plagiarism Checker Options Backed By High-Quality Service

Yes, Plagramme is a paid service. But there is a free plagiarism checker option that definitely will exceed all your expectations of a plagiarism checker. For instance, not only does it tell you that there is a plagiarized section of the paper, but it will also provide a link to that source on the Internet. This fact alone is an invaluable resource that will help you keep everything plagiarism free and properly cited!

The Cost

Currently the free plagiarism checker options will cost nothing for students, just some favor spreading the word about plagiarism checker. However, you are also able to purchase plagiarism check at a minimal charge. You can check any paper for $0.35 cents per page, regardless as to whether it is something for family members back home or the cover-letter to your resume.

Multilingual Detection

You won’t have to worry about the free plagiarism checker incorrectly analyzing any other languages used in the paper. The amazing team that built this software made sure to include a part that allows the checker to recognize different languages and check each one for plagiarisms. This could be particularly useful if you are taking a foreign languages or cultures class.


Yes, Plagramme is a paid service. But there is a free plagiarism checker option that definitely will exceed all your expectations of a plagiarism checker

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the free plagiarism checker is the fact that it takes paraphrasing into account. Even though you may have worded a statement differently, it may not be enough to entirely remove it from doubt. This is where the plagiarism checker will step in. It will highlight any possible culprits of plagiarism and give it a comprehensive score. You will be able to look at the score and decide if the sentence has been reworded enough, or if you need to do a little more adjusting, to stop it from being plagiarized.

Plagiarism Score and Similarity Score

While it was briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can find two different scores on the free plagiarism checker. When you submit the paper, it checks numerous sources to find any possible similarities and/or plagiarisms. When you paraphrase a statement, the web-based software will find sources that could match that same statement and award it with a percentage on the level of similarity; however, there is also a score dedicated directly to plagiarism that will let you know the level that a sentence matches another source word for word.

Regardless of what you will use the plagiarism checker for, you can find immediate value in nearly every single one of its functions. This will help keep you from making little mistakes that can have enormous consequences; of course, it will most likely help you keep those papers looking pristine as well!