Free plagiarism checker for teachers

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

Driven by our mission – to help deal with plagiarism worldwide – we provide free access to our plagiarism checker for teachers, professors, and educators. A free plagiarism checker for teachers helps in more than one way. While it is quite essential in high schools, universities and colleges have a lot more emphasis on research when carrying out tasks in writing. More meticulous work is not always the case. Sometimes the student decides to copy or plagiarise an entire essay. Some go as far as doing it with a dissertation, maybe even a thesis.

Don’t bother trying to answer the question ‘Why do students plagiarise?’, because in this day and age, with the technology and information resources available with a few clicks of a button, some people see it as an easy way out. Lecturers, educators, teachers, and professors should have the tools and means to spot plagiarism and prevent it. With the numbers of plagiarism in the U.K. and the U.S.A. rising, it is in your best personal and professional interest to use something to detect, eliminate and adequately respond to plagiarism. Lucky for you, Plagramme is a premium plagiarism checker for educators which you can use for free!

Free version vs advanced version – check for plagiarism online

Plagramme is accessible for free, meaning that you do not have to pay for access to our software. Naturally, you would think that what is the point of having access to an advanced version when you can use the service free of charge? The key is that with the free version you only have limited access to the features in their entirety. Limited scanning and restricted access to functions are enough if you are just looking to test out Plagramme or are still in the search for the right similarity tracker or plagiarism/duplicate detector.

However, when it comes down to analyzing plagiarism throughout the entire school year, you have to do it multiple times with more than a few papers. It is a wise investment that you as an academic should consider! Besides, your employer should grant you funding for the tool since plagiarism is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. You should try to detect and prevent it to the extent to which you are capable of.

Our plagiarism checker’s teacher account will let you:

  • Check documents for plagiarism Free
  • View detailed plagiarism reports Free
  • View different plagiarism scores Free
  • View original sources Free
  • Get higher plagiarism check priority Free

Plagramme, the free plagiarism checker for teachers has a database of more than 14 trillion documents. Billions, with a “B”. Free and premium customers have equal access to our plagiarism detection scanner. However, only the premium users or the educators who top up their accounts with sufficient funds have unlimited access to arguably the most crucial part of the lot – the report.

Whenever you upload a document and check if for originality/plagiarism. Whether it is a piece of coursework, a complete dissertation or just a simple article, the outcome of checking every single paper remains the same. We give you a report which provides you with an in-depth look into the content and shows whether it is pure and original or copied and is a fraud.

The finder detects bad and improper citations, knock-offs, paraphrasing and all sorts of quirks and issues with the text in almost 20 different languages. We are the world’s first multilingual plagiarism checker for professors, lecturers and teachers alike.

Free plagiarism checker for teachers – what are the benefits?

We have a growing customer-base amongst students, professors, businesses and private consumers using it for individual purposes alike. As the essential plagiarism checker benefit for college professors and people working in the education sphere we list ‘Plagiarism prevention and being able to deal with it’. Want more?

  • Accurate and detailed descriptions on what is plagiarised
  • Deciphering paraphrasing on an AI level, no need to do any mechanical work
  • Almost instant checking – takes only a few minutes at most
  • Find original sources and explanations – hard proof and evidence instead of speculation

In the past, it would take months or even years of thorough analysis to find out whether someone plagiarised their work. Sometimes successful acts could lead up to a bachelor, masters or even Ph.D.’s. That should not happen, and it is entirely within your power to prevent it. Choose and scan any document to make your doubts disappear and see that Plagramme is the real deal when it comes down to checking!

Other services do not offer anything for free, we do! Nonetheless, Plagramme strongly recommends opting for the advanced premium plagiarism checker as it can sufficiently satisfy the needs of educators.

How do I sign up for a free teacher account?

To sign up for free access to our plagiarism checker for teachers, please follow the sign-up link below. Before registering for a free teacher account, keep in mind that you will be asked to prove that you are a teacher. You will be asked to provide the link to the web page of your institution where we should be able to find your email listed. The email listed on your institution page and the email entered in the registration form must be the same.