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Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

Need to check your paper for plagiarism? Want to make sure that the document you have is original and copied? Well, what if we told you that there is a website to check your paper free and easy? Yup, that’s true, a completely free way to check papers for plagiarism – Plagramme.

Driven and dedicated to the goal of beating and eliminating plagiarism from papers in the academic circle and the business sector, we have developed a sophisticated and increasingly popular multilingual tool that helps individuals, students, lecturers, teachers, business people, and many others combat duplicates as well as copies. Now, as the 21st century has broken the way we have perceived data and information allows for entirely effortless copying and replication. Sometimes people for tons of different reasons see plagiarism as a way out of trouble. Maybe they forgot the deadline and needed something quick; perhaps something else happened which disrupted their creative process, variables and speculation could be endless. However, only one thing is sure – plagiarism is bad for everyone. We are firmly against plagiarism. Thus we have developed a piece of software that allows you to check any paper for plagiarism free of charge.

So, how do I check my paper for plagiarism?

If you have an urge or goal to present a unique document to your lecturer, teacher, boss or client, Plagramme can help you out. It’s excellent for scientific papers, for academic papers and thesis, for reports, essays and all kinds of different text. There are a few simple steps to check paper for plagiarism at Plagramme. Sign up and create an account, then log in. Upload the research paper or any paper for that matter which you need to be checked. Initiate the checking procedure and wait for the results. Once the check is complete, you can read a detailed report on your document and the instances of plagiarism our software has detected.

How to beat a paper checker who checks them for plagiarism?

We’ll be short and sweet – you can’t. We can state that we have a 90+% detection rate. The number is getting closer to 100% with every day and update. Our goal is to enable and give the right and capable tools to the hands of the student, the teacher, and businessman or just a regular person to help them combat plagiarism.

Well, there is just one way to beat it – by being honest and writing original content without doing any plagiarism… Sounds easy, right?

Plagramme is a discreet way of checking whether your paper is original or not. If you are a student, you should use it to make sure that the paper you are handing in represents your true maximum potential. If you are a lecturer, professor or teacher, make use of Plagramme by making sure that academic honesty and your reputation are preserved and for businesses, it’s just a smart and very profitable investment that helps in the short and long runs.

Insights on what lecturers check student papers for plagiarism by

Since there is no possible way to account for all lecturers, we will cover the basics of how most checks usually go down.

  1. Signs of obvious plagiarism – depending on how much experience your lecturer has had teaching students, he or she might spot issues in the paper right away. First of all, the style of writing could not match your usual writing style, other times it can also happen that the lecturer recognizes the ideas and patterns in the paper
  2. Checking in the universities’ database – all universities have extensive databases with tons of articles, reports, analysis, and research. If any suspicion arises, they can go through to prove or dismantle their doubts.
  3. External or additional research like Plagramme ­– universities or individual lecturers could have access to a paper checker from an outside developer. We are currently working with multiple educational institutions so we can say that if any paper is a knock-off or fraud, we will likely detect it.

Of course, the pattern and steps could vary depending on many circumstances, but that is how it usually goes down. After reading our insights you probably should not even think whether ‘why to check your paper for plagiarism?’, the question should be ‘how to check the paper for plagiarism?’ and what is the best place to do so.

Is it best to use a plagiarism checker if you are a college or university student or in other instances?

If you are a student, it so happens that you couldn’t have a relaxed and entirely comfortable learning experience without a plagiarism checker. If you do ‘produce’ a paper, your next train of thought should be where to check my paper for plagiarism and where can I check it for free?

Plagramme is an online service where you can check any paper or document for plagiarism. It is optimized for all users, not just students. Oh yeah, by the way – Plagramme can be completely free, you do not have to pay anything to use it to its fullest extent. You can sign up as an individual user and use the software without having to spend. It’s all available online, you do not need any space on your hard drive or nothing, upload the document that you want to check, and we will do the rest.

Getting back to the topic at hand, we strongly suggest that not only individual consumers and students start to think that ‘Hey, I also need to check my paper for plagiarism’. Plagramme is built in the most user-friendly way possible. You only need a few clicks of a button to improve your content and spot its errors. We think that everyone regardless of their status and occupation can benefit from checking their papers and documents for plagiarism.

Premium – where you can check any paper for plagiarism and more

Even though our software is accessible for free, we do offer a premium membership. Commercial organizations and business users also will have to opt-in for the premium or advanced software.

What does it give you? More details on every single document and a more extensive array of possible solutions. You have access to reports which we generate on every single upload and check. Let us explain a bit more. Once your document/paper is processed and checked, if there are signs of plagiarism detected, we would like you to know about it. Plagramme creates a report on every single one of its checks, and thus you can see what the issues with the text are. The report is accessible online, but you can also download it in PDF format for later use. Our plagiarism evaluation is based on a few key criteria, mostly rating aspects by percentage. For example, there is the similarity score – a number that indicates how many similarities were found in the document. There are also a few other vital criteria that indicate how bad or good the text is, regarding originality. Showing percentage is probably the easiest way to inform the user of whether the text fits the requirements or not.

Other features in the premium version include a higher priority check, more functionality within the main interface and other benefits.