Plagarism Checker – The Most Common Spelling Error

Mike Deep • August 14, 2015

Every day, thousands of people use trusty plagiarism checkers to scan and verify that their written content is free of copy-catting, and each day, many of these same people commit the ultimate spelling error! It isn’t a Plagarism Checker they should be searching for. It is “Plagiarism Checker.”

Plagiarism – There is Just Something About That Word

Of all the documents and articles that get uploaded to plagiarism checkers each day, the most commonly misspelled word is the word “plagiarism” itself. For some strange reason, the public, in general, cannot seem to get this word seared into their memory bank, and they continue to spell it Plagarism Checker! The misspellings, “plagarism,” “plagerism,” an “plagirism” are the most frequent offenders, with “plagarism” ranking as the No. 1 misspelled version of the word.

Plagiarism Checker, Not Plagarism Checker

If you are scratching your head right now and saying, “Ah! I thought it was Plagarism Checker!” you aren’t alone. Data shows that among the loads of content that gets uploaded and then analyzed by these plagiarism checking services, a surprising 1% of people were found to be guilty of misspelling this specific word. That is a considerably high rate! Maybe these folks should have referenced a dictionary while they were at it (‘m kidding of course, as I am just as guilty as the rest of you).

How to Prevent Plagarism Checker Errors in the Future

In order to prevent this unfortunate mistake from occurring, we encourage writers to utilize our plagiarize detection service at Not only does our service free you of any stigma associated with cheating or copying someone else’s work, but we will lend a hand in your overall academic success. We are a reputable company recognized as a National Plagiarism Detection Service in 3 countries. We have trillions of articles, web pages, journals, books, periodicals, and other documents to scan your content against to ensure you receive precise detection results. Rely on our exceptional and high-quality technology and experience to handle all of your plagiarism detection needs.

Remember – It isn’t “plagerism”, “plagerism” or “plagarism checker” It is PLAGIARISM!

We utilize several methods when it comes to checking your papers, and additional benefits for our clients. They include:

  • Multilingual detection
  • Multilanguage file detection
  • Paraphrase detection
  • Free check option
  • Trillion sources scan
  • Unlimited page per scan
  • Conclusion

The next time you’re searching your paper for plagiarism, remember this article so that you won’t commit one of these common misspelling fouls of the elusive word. Whatever you’re writing, give your content the best chance at being great by using the professional benefits of a plagiarism detection service such as ours at And remember – It isn’t “plagerism”, “plagerism” or “plagarism checker” It is PLAGIARISM!