Plagiarism detector

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

While you may know the terms ‘plagiarism’ and ‘plagiarism detector’ and the rough understanding of what they mean, do you really know what defines plagiarism and how plagiarism detector works? If you have doubts, questions or wonders about something related to plagiarism detection software, this article is definitely going to remove any doubts and will surely help you understand how Plagramme is detecting plagiarism in text documents.

So, how is plagiarism detected?

Even as the 21st century catches steam and computers and digital technology is overriding our understanding of life, people still do not think that it makes changes to certain aspects or areas of life. In the past, a plagiarism checker was usually a person. He or she would work to the best of their abilities to scan and compare newly turned in documents to those in the archive. That usually took days, weeks, months even years. Perpetrators who were meticulous and thorough with their plagiarised essay or research paper could get away with it.

However, times have changed. Today it is a lot harder if not near impossible to get away with a plagiat detector not catching you. Type any question or term into the search bar of the search engine. Each of them has trillions of sources and how quickly does it find related or exact answers to the questions you asked? Milliseconds. The same goes with Plagramme only that with longer documents and academic resources the search has to be much more detailed thus meaning longer yet equally or even more satisfying results. Algorithms work to compare your uploaded paper to the ones we have indexed and saved. Once the tool conducts the scan, you get a report indicating everything the software has found.

Plagiarism detector online: how to prevent plagiarism

Instead, of wasting your time and just repeating manual instructions that are already written, let us divide this section into two separate parts. One is going to be dedicated to the tips and insights devoted to your own writing. The next one will show how to use Plagramme to eliminate and beat plagiarism.

When it comes down to what is in your hands, there is a lot. You might not know, but probably about 99.9% instances of plagiarism happen because the person behind everything had that intent to do so. However, if you are looking to be in that 0.1%, here are a few tips we encourage all of our users to familiarise with.

  • Long and ill-positioned quotes cause harm. Unless your document is related to quotes or an interview, keep them to a minimum or abstain from them at all. One or two is fine but more than that could be a little pretentious. Also, you have to know how to quote and cite appropriately. Familiarise yourself with the turf.
  • Paraphrase content. Even if the information you are trying to convey is the same, do not just copy it. Rewrite it in your own words. This is especially useful with analysis, results, conclusions.
  • Include references. Arguably the most important yet one of the most overlook and forgotten points.

Plagiarism detector: free vs. paid

Moving on to the free plagiarism detector Plagramme, there is simply not so many tips to share. Once you register to our plagiarism detector website online, you can move on to checking documents for plagiarism. No activation key or fee is needed, you also don’t need to buy the software. Sign up and use it for free if you like, but you are going to miss out on the premium features. You will not be able to see the detailed report or get tutoring service if your account does not have any funds in it.

Wait, wait, what report? Are you going to publicize my uploads?

No, no, no. We are a discreet service offering complete security and privacy for all of our clients and users. Besides, nor your university or employers, or anyone else will ever know that you used our site if you do not tell them yourself. The report is an automatically generated document that shows how much of the text is similar, what is the risk of plagiarism and other threats with percentage points. However, it costs to access it.

Plagiarism detection software – how effective is it?

Very. Our free online plagiat detector satisfies users ‘round the clock. With sources ranging from indexed websites to high-level academic material, if you pay, you truly get your money’s worth with Plagramme. Both private and corporate clients from almost 100 different countries worldwide have instilled their trust in us. A multinational team working with a multilingual plagiarism detector means guaranteed results. Test out the free version for yourself. It is way better than being forced to buy right out of the gate. Once you have some reasonable experience to go with your expectations, accessing the full, paid version could be what’s next on the plate.

On what platforms and OS is Plagramme available?

As of now, Plagramme is an online service. You can reach and use it via the website. For Mac and for Windows, Linux, etc. users this is good news since all you need to have is an internet connection, and you’re good to go. Use it on your mobile phone or tablet also – it is fully supported.