Plagiarism finder

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

The necessity of finding plagiarism in documents is apparent. If no one would be able to tell whether the text is original or plagiarised – a lot of institutions and businesses would tremble into chaos. However, that is not the case and finding plagiarism is not too difficult nowadays. Nevertheless, for the student, the content creator or the writer it is vital to stay ahead of the curve, remain proactive and be cautious when it comes down to plagiarism. Stay smart and remain unphased because you have the best tools at hand.

So, how do you do it and why should you do it?

Why should you use a plagiarism finder?

This question should be answered first. Also, the answer can be short and sweet. This software is designed to help individuals and businesses find plagiarism in their documents. At the same time by helping them prevent plagiarism, we help users avoid academic punishment or lawsuits for copyright infringement, etc.

What exactly is a plagiarism finder?

As mentioned above, it is a piece of software. A plagiarism finder is a professional program designed to help users spot instances of plagiarism in their documents. The software is equipped with really basic yet highly useful features. You upload a document to the website, scan it for plagiarism and see the results. The finder is going to run its algorithms and compare your file against the 14 trillion units in the Plagramme database. Once the comparison of the so-called check is completed, you can view an in-depth report on the exact details. Find out what plagiarism instances were detected.

Will anyone know if you use a plagiarism finder?

We cannot speak on others’ behalf but if you use Plagramme – no one else will know. Our business model revolves around the secrecy and privacy of the user. A free online plagiarism checker that ensures privacy – what could possibly be better?

What is the best plagiarism finder or detector available?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences. There is different software out there but let us show why Plagramme can be the absolute best of the lot!

  • Genuinely multilingual – the system and finder can distinguish and fully comprehend over 120 different languages. This means that regardless of your nationality and language in which the text is written in, you can use Plagramme successfully. Lots of other services constrict you to a single language (mostly English or a native language), while we don’t. Choose Plagramme – a service that is approved and recognized on a national level in three different countries.
  • Tracks down plagiarism with amazing accuracy – a vast database with billions of articles, reports, and dissertations co-joined with modern algorithms make for a fantastic piece of software. With our help, you can almost entirely remove any signs of plagiarism from your documents.
  • Test it out for free – signing up and testing the plagiarism finder is free.
  • Pay if you wish – everyone can sign up for free but there are more functions available in the advanced premium version which is paid for. However, you get access to these functions without paying anything. Just share Plagramme on social media, and you will gain access to all features!

Should you opt-in for the premium paid version or stick with the free version?

We strongly recommend every customer who is looking for long-term value to choose the premium version. However, try it out first and see how it goes. The user interface is extremely easy to understand, and all necessary features are accessible from the main screen. Why premium instead of free? Mostly because it allows you to do more. The free version or if you share us on social media, does not give full access to the features or the access is limited-time only. Make most of it with a premium!