Plagiarism search

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

As you may or may not be aware, but plagiarism occurrences and numbers have been rapidly growing in the past years. In the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, China, Australia, almost everywhere in the developed world, plagiarism and copy have become issues of ever-growing concern. For students especially, the possibility of being caught with a knock-off is simply horrendous. Since academics and professors really go the distance in their search for plagiarism, it is necessary to remain proactive. By being aware and cautious about the situation and implementing a state-of-the-art solution. A plagiarism checker. tool, a piece of software made to conduct plagiarism search online and through various databases. Check out its benefits.

By conducting a plagiarism search, you protect yourself from dire consequences

If you hand in a report or any text for that matter for evaluation, universities, and colleges, and to some extent, high schools conduct thorough checks. They search for traces and signs of copy in your document, and whether they find it or not depends on how much you have invested in making your text as original as possible. If you wrote it yourself, your chances are high, but even so – the risk sometimes is too great to overlook. Furthermore, if you borrow expertise from other papers, using a plagiarism search service benefits you even more.

See, when you turn in your paper, there is no going back. You have to be entirely sure that the plagiarism search engines used by professors (it sometimes is Plagramme, but the same goes for other platforms) will not suspect or detect anything. Voiding your diploma, suspension, expelling you from the institution or even lawsuits could be looming on the horizon if you are not careful. However, being careful with regards to plagiarism has become very simple nowadays. Just sign up on a website dedicated to plagiarism search, and you’re good to go.

Is there a free way to search or plagiarism or are they all paid?

We can proudly state that Plagramme is the world’s first genuine multilingual plagiarism search and detection site and service which you can access for free. Most of our competitors only offer a pay-to-use service model. We’re different. With free access, you get to test out and use the basic and most essential functions that Plagramme has to offer. However, for the people looking to get the most use out of plagiarism detection software, it is best to opt-in for the premium advanced version.

What is in it for you if you choose Plagramme premium

With the regular free version, you will get the basic ‘service package’. Nevertheless, if you have to scan a lot of documents, usage limits will be reached thus opting in for the premium is in your best interest. Our algorithm can detect over 120 languages and find similarities or copy in your document in relation to over 14 trillion others in our database. Also, you can select the deep search to find even more details about your paper or your students’, colleagues’ or employees’ written pieces.

Tons of additional benefits are also present. These include:

  • Higher priority checking to mean that plagiarism is found faster and you will not wait long
  • Access to reports which you can download and/or print for analysis offline
  • Additional tuition service for those who seek to learn and improve their writing
  • Much much more

We hope that you understand what Plagramme can offer you. Be smart and pull ahead. Use it and see results skyrocket!