Plagiarism Software: Dealing With Paraphrasing In Academic Writing

Mike Deep • August 27, 2015

You are expected to turn in papers every year that are checked by plagiarism software. The university uses plagiarism software to check your work, and you are expected to use the software before turning in your papers. That is why you need a program that will help you detect plagiarism – and not just simple plagiarism…

Paraphrased Plagiarism

Students are not likely to copy material word for word, but simply paraphrasing can be just as deadly. Your professors have read most of the books you could ever cite, and paraphrasing material could be considered plagiarism without a citation. Only the most advanced plagiarism software can help you eliminate wording that is paraphrased in a manner that is close to the original text. – Plagiarism Software Which Detects Paraphrasing is an advanced plagiarism software that can recognize paraphrased plagiarism. Once you enter your text, you will be able to see instant plagiarism check results. Lines that appear to be copied from another text as well as paraphrased ones will be highlighted. You may disregard all lines of text that are cited, and you may disregard items in your bibliography that appear in other books. Your main focus is avoiding paraphrased content in your papers. Here’s what to do when the software detects paraphrasing.

Address The Paraphrasing

You are not required to rewrite your entire paper based on one paraphrased sentence or paragraph, but you must change the wording of sections that appear to come from another text. Keep in mind the extensive reading that has been done by your professors, and rephrase these sections accordingly.

Only the most advanced plagiarism software can help you eliminate wording that is paraphrased in a manner which is close to the original text.

Eliminate Large Sections Of Paraphrased Material

The plagiarism software may show you a large section of text that appears to be paraphrased, and you must rewrite that section. You cannot allow large sections of a paper to be paraphrased in this manner, and you cannot change random words to get a good result. Your writing will appear clumsy, and your professor will wonder what you did. Your avoidance of plagiarism may make your professor suspect plagiarism all over again.

How Do You Avoid Paraphrasing In The Future?

You can review the results of your plagiarism software at any time to learn which phrases are constantly flagged. Try removing these phrases from your vocabulary, and change your writing style to something more suitable for academic writing. Consider the plagiarism software a tutor that tells you what not to do when you are writing. You can review all your papers in the same manner, and you will learn much more about your writing before turning in your papers. The plagiarism software you use to check your papers must help you make sense of every line you write. Your professors will review your papers thoroughly, and you need a helper that will do the same. The plagiarism software prevents you from using paraphrased material, and your professors will not wonder how you arrived at the finished product. Checking for copied material is just one step in the academic writing process, and this software eliminates all other forms of plagiarism.