Plagiarism test

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

For students, teachers, other educators, and business people, as well as bloggers plagiarism is a huge problem. Maybe it is not the most exciting topic in the world, but it remains to be a growing concern for a lot of sectors and spheres. We offer every person a solution! Software made specifically to help avoid and tackle issues related to recognizing plagiarised test answers, thesis, and dissertation plagiarism, etc. This free plagiarism test is going to help you by making sure you are avoiding plagiarism and only producing unique content. Testing it out does not cost a single dime. Sign up, log in and test the site for yourself!

How to initiate your first free plagiarism test?

Once you’ve signed up and ready to go, here is what you will need to do to run plagiarism test. Upload your document to the system and begin the check. That is it… Quite simple, isn’t it?

What do you get from a plagiarism test? What are the benefits?

To be frank, you get a lot of benefits. First of all, there is a sense of awareness in those, who decide to proceed and check their documents for a copy. If by any accident, even the slightest bit of plagiarism is present in your document your clients or your educators could bring a hurricane of problems to your doorstep. We are talking not just about lowered grades; we are talking about being suspended, expelled or even sued for piracy and copyright infringement.

To view the report, you either have to have sufficient funds in your account or have access to premium features. So, let’s talk more about the report and what it shows. By reading and analyzing your article, our online tool compares it to almost 14 trillion other documents and indexed websites in our database. It is also multilingual meaning that it can detect close to 130 languages, not just English, French, Spanish or Russian. Plagramme can conduct plagiarism tests in many different languages. Once the document is thoroughly scanned, you will be able to access the report. Now the report does not change shape or image. Whether you executed the plagiarism test for thesis, dissertation or made an essay plagiarism test, the plagiarism checker still generates a report. Now in this report, you can see that there are instances of plagiarism that the detector has managed to pick up. They are marked with red and yellowish-orange, to help users distinguish them in a heartbeat. Even though this is a sample of a plagiarism test, the final result for you should look about the same.

Now depending on the content you have written, the percentage of plagiarism could differ, but that is calculated by the algorithms, and not brought as a predetermined outcome. Our site allows you to fix plagiarism with the online correction tool or initiate a deep scan and even get tuition from experts.

In conclusion, by performing a test on our or one of the other plagiarism testing websites, you should get insights and facts about instances of plagiarism in your text. Being proactive is going to do good for you and your performance! No punishments or confusions are going to bother you.

How much it costs to use Plagramme?

Plagramme is proud and happy to be the world’s true and genuine multilingual plagiarism checking and testing website which can also be used for free. Signing up, contrary to what most of our competitors do, is free. Even access to the premium features, such as being able to view and download the PDF report, etc. can be entirely free if you share Plagramme on social media.

Practice and test everything out yourself. Do not leave room for speculation and doubt since you can experiment with our software as much as you like. However, we strongly recommend considering making Plagramme a “partner” in your academic life or business ventures. Testing your academic papers or SEO articles is excellent for creating larger value from the same amount of words. These benefits should make all bloggers happy, students relieved and educationists more confident. Now isn’t that cool?

With higher requirements and more information being spread across the globe you should not be reckless with what you do. Remain attentive to what you write and make sure to double-check with a plagiarism checker. It is in your best interest to do so.