Plagiarism tool

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

In the midst of the academic year, it is quite easy to get side-tracked or lost in a lot of things. For students, this is especially common. Being an honorable and well-evaluated student is difficult since most of you have to look for a job, attend social gatherings and parties as well as make the first true steps in their adult lives. Counselling, help, and guidance are much appreciated. For teachers and professors work is never easy and every academic year presents a new set of challenges that are hard to overcome without any outside help. Tools are needed to make work easier and increase productiveness.

This leads us to a sore and quite unpleasant topic of plagiarism. With increasing pace, its popularity is rising and shows no signs of stopping. Educational institutions, as well as businesses, suffer from it much more than they should, period. People act reckless and usually do not think that far ahead to know what severe consequences await on the other side of the ‘Plagiarism Rubicon’ once they cross it. Nevertheless, for some, plagiarism could cause problems by complete accident, they did not intend to steal content, but it just so happened. Let us introduce Plagramme – a plagiarism checker tool that is created to help students, educators, business people, enterprises and individual consumers avoid content piracy and idea theft. In other words – plagiarism.

An anti-plagiarism web tool for teachers, students and everyone else

Quite a few people are aware that a plagiarism prevention tool exists. Actually, there exist more of them, one of which is Plagramme. In most of our minds, plagiarism is only a concern in university, college or book writing. In reality, it affects not only schools and books, but also business, SEO results and tons of other impactful areas of our personal and professional lives. Plagramme helps by enabling people to do more rather than just avoiding plagiarism on their own. This plagiarism spotting tool is designed to help people regardless of their professional background or any other trait, find plagiarism in texts.

Your uploaded document is put in comparison with the Plagramme database. The database is comprised of over 14 trillion unique articles, and if there are any instances of suspicion or plagiarism, we will let you know. The generated report displays results and is divided into a few categories, all of which are integral for spotting and removing content piracy. By reading the report, you can choose to opt for correction and fix or rewrite the document or act according to the protocol in case of plagiarism

Plagramme is available for Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and also for Mac users, meaning that the tool for students, educators and everyone else is available on a global scale.

Plagiarism tool – how to use Plagramme and why it’s the best detection tool online?

Let’s begin by briefing you on how to start using the best plagiarism checking tool online.

  1. Sign up – for individual users you just need to create an account while corporate clients and institutions are going to have in touch before proceeding. Fill out the form, and we will contact you with a direct quote. Individual users can sign up without having to pay a single dime.
  2. Upload your document – depending on what you need to be checked, upload it by selecting it via the browse function or dragging it onto the screen. You can test the tool to see how everything works before checking the real deal. Now whether it is a basic text or an academic paper, it does not matter. Plagramme can process all kinds of documents and provide a report in, on average – 3 minutes time (usually takes less than that).
  3. Start the checking procedure – you will see a progress bar which indicates how much of the process the scanning tool has completed. With funds in your account or with a premium membership, you can speed it up by making it a high priority.
  4. Analyze the results – this is not just some basic stuff the software gives as a handoutPlagramme is an advanced plagiarism spotting tool that generates a report for every document analyzed. The report can only be viewed if you have funds in your account or premium access. You can also gain it by transmitting the word about Plagramme on social media via sharing.

Now you know how it works. Let’s move on to why it is the tool for you.

  • Plagramme is a multilingual plagiarism screening tool – it is capable of detecting over 120 languages as of yet. In the future, this number is only going to increase. Other services are usually either capable of working with English and a few other languages.
  • Plagramme can be free. Even though you only have access to base functions of the whole professional plagiarism detection tool, most other services cannot even offer that. With them, you have to pay full price even to test out how their plagiarism checker works.
  • It is also a plagiarism remover. You can use the special tool visible in your report to fix almost everything related to plagiarism in your text.
  • No space or specialized knowledge required. By space, we mean computer hard drive space. This plagiarism detection tool is available online meaning that you do not need to download anything. The information in its entirety is online. However, you can download the generated report for personal or other use.

Final words about Plagramme – the plagiarism checker tool which genuinely works!

We could go on and ramble about numbers and features non-stop. But don’t take our word for it! It ’s better to see for yourself rather than to rely on expectations and hopes. Log in and try it out for free. We believe that you will be convinced that Plagramme is the absolute best professional plagiarism detection, removal, correction and anti-plagiarism tool around.