Plagiarism tracker

Mike Deep • October 5, 2018

For students, professors, lecturers, writers and business people across the world, the need for original writing and content is ever increasing. With more and more information being shared and uploaded to the internet almost every day, there simply has to be a way to make writing original content easier. And it is. Dedicated software to track plagiarism in articles, posts, and academic or scientific papers. With numbers and cases of piracy rising steadily every single year, it is vital to be proactive and for content creators and students to unite and check texts before turning them in. If it happens to be plagiarised, you will be held accountable even if you did not know about it. So, why not be ahead? Here’s how you do that!

Step 1: Track plagiarisms by signing up to a plagiarism checker site

Lecturing people about what plagiarism is, would be senseless. Everyone knows that it is the act of taking someone else’s work (usually in writing) and calling it your own. For plagiarism, students can get bad marks, be suspended or even expelled and stripped of their honors. Individuals and people in business could be sued for copyright infringement and theft. Deciding to use an online plagiarism tracker would be a wise choice.

Lucky for you, you have stumbled across the best one in the business – Plagramme. The best free plagiarism checker available. Sign up and test it out for free to see what’s what.

Step 2: Learning how to use a plagiarism tracker

Signing up is a meaningful step, but it means nothing without being able to put the software to use effectively. We can’t say surely for others, but using Plagramme is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is register, login and upload the document. Once your paper is uploaded, start the check and wait for it to finish. Users of the free version will have to endure and wait through the entire checking procedure with low priority. However, if you top up your account with additional funds, you can turn the document into a ‘high priority’ check for quicker analysis. Besides, premium members can view and download the plagiarism report (in PDF format).

The report displays every single quirk and thing it caught in your text. So, if your document bears any similarity to a bachelor thesis from a student in Arizona, posted way back in 2001 or to any of more than 14 trillion documents in our library – we will let you know. The plagiarism is going to be color-coded for you to see. Besides, Plagramme can detect and recognize over 120 languages as well as being able to find paraphrasing, bad citations, etc.

Step 3: Fixing the document or getting more out of the plagiarism tracker software

If the final evaluation in the report is that your document is more than 0%, there is no need to be content with it. Strive for greatness. Well, there could be a ‘technical similarity’ with a less than 5% plagiarism rating, but you can improve upon that. It is not that difficult to do, considering we have an online correction tool ready to help out on the fly. By the way, you can initiate a deep scan in Plagramme. This more thorough scan covers everything with more detail, showing even deeper issues or finding the roots of all problems.

If you are interested in having a professional opinion and insight, choose the tutoring service. Experts in the fields of writing and well-renowned minds in the specific area of studies are going to chip in and give meaningful recommendations on how to improve your writing. This is all just a few clicks away!

What happens if I have questions?

Send them our way via e-mail or the support chat found on the left-hand side of the screen once you have logged in. Inquiries, questions, suggestions, and reports about mistakes are appreciated dearly. Our team gets back to those ASAP, and we hope you become proactive and start being a step ahead in tracking plagiarism!