Premium advanced plagiarism checker

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

If you are looking for a tool to check your papers online – choose Plagramme – a professional plagiarism detector tool used by university and college students, their professors, businesses and private consumers all over the globe.

Since plagiarism is becoming an increasingly worrying issue in today’s society, you should be aware of the most productive ways of combating it. We are the world’s first true multilingual plagiarism detection software. Our software is fully functional and capable of detecting any sense of plagiarism, copy and lousy paraphrasing in almost 20 languages. Scan your documents without a word limit quickly! Avoid waiting hours for the check to complete, utilize a database of more than 14 trillion articles and papers and avoid plagiarism by implementing Plagramme – a premium plagiarism checker with unlimited searches for copy and plagiarism.

An advanced plagiarism checker – test it for free, but the premium feature is way cooler

There are two versions of Plagramme you can use. There is the free version with limited access and the full professional version with unlimited searches. Anyone can access the former. You only sign up on our site, and you can test out the plagiarism detection for yourself. No strings attached, no fee needed. However, the regular version falls short regarding limits that it might impose on you. With the free version, you only have limited time and use access to the features and functions which are included in the premium or paid version of the software. You can still use the full force of the pro version without spending a penny or a dime by just spreading the good word about Plagramme on social media. Be aware that this feature is valid only once per year.

If you do not wish to get stuck in limbo and want to have full access to the full version of Plagramme, you can pay per document uploaded or top up your account with sufficient funds. You can add as much credit as you like and spend it in the future according to your own personal needs. While we strongly recommend that you test it out first, we can guarantee that you will love the product and use a detailed and in-depth analysis of your texts more frequently as time passes.

Premium plagiarism checker – is it really worth it?

Hell yes! Nowadays students will not be able to cope without having an advanced plagiarism checker. The price you pay for Plagramme is nothing compared to improved grades, no risk of being caught for plagiarism and more original work in the future.

Lecturers and professors just as well can benefit from the detailed analysis that Plagramme gives on papers. Since it is not constricted or limited with words, members of the academic community can utilize the great Plagramme pricing to have a convenient tool for detecting plagiarism and maximizing academic transparency.

For businesses, we also strongly recommend the pro version of our advanced plagiarism checker. Regarding commercial use, you would not benefit from the free trial, since it only has limited access, but at a decent cost, your business can significantly improve their results and successes since Plagramme works just as SEO tools. Our advanced detector shows the issues with the text (similarity with other papers, bad citations and paraphrasing, etc.) so you can make sure that the articles or descriptions you create and upload are entirely unique and create the most value.

What makes Plagramme the good plagiarism checker with a price?

Well, there is a lot of upside for Plagramme users. First of all, it is our ever-expanding database and continuously improved algorithms to make plagiarism detection as quick and as accessible to the customer. For a decent price you can get access to:

  • Great customer support
  • Easy to understand and navigate interface
  • Unlimited words checking
  • Lower cost for checking documents when compared to rival plagiarism detectors
  • Extensive plagiarism check with detailed results you can understand
  • Tips and insights on your documents from an esteemed panel of experts (additional feature)

Conclusion and final words

In the end, there is no limit on how much you can improve any particular text. However, in terms of originality, we only see two outcomes of any document, paper, report, article, etc. It is either 100% original or not wholly authentic. Plagramme offers you an easy way to check your documents for copyright infringement and prevent ideas and content theft without having to break a sweat.

There is no doubt in our mind that it is the absolute best premium plagiarism checker available online. With the premium version, you get access to search with no limit, meaning that you can upload and analyze as many documents as you need. Once your text is parsed, download the report in PDF format or simply read it online to find an in-depth look at your content and find whether it has signs of copy or fulfills the requirements to be a completely original text.

If you have any questions regarding the specific cost or price of the premium software – contact us via e-mail or click the support button on the left-hand side of the screen after you have logged in.