Quick check introduced

Mike Deep • October 29, 2019

Following the requests of our users, we have recently introduced the Quick Score feature. In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of what the Quick Score is and how it stands in relation to the standard scoring.  

Why the Quick Score?

The detailed score is nice, but to get it, we need to perform lots of evaluations and analyses. The standard document should go through nearly 25 processes. Some of the are quick enough, but some require lots of CPU processing power. It’s not a big issue when checking small 1-2 pages documents, but when the user uploads a document of nearly 70, 150, 0r even 300 pages, our servers need to work really hard. By the way, the biggest document we’ve ever proceed was a French dissertation with unbelievable…. 5725 pages! Kudos for the author!

CPU, of course, is not the only reason. The more important is that you – our users, needed to spend lots of time waiting for the result to come. In peak times, the queues formed, so the actual time to get the score was tens of minutes or even hours. The Quick Score lets us evaluate your papers in seconds. Also if your paper is 300 pages, you’d probably get in less than a minute.

The pros and cons of Quick Score

Although the Quick Score is really fast (in some cases, it is hundreds of times faster than a standard check), there are some drawbacks. To get the score quick, we need to skip all these slower and CPU-intensive processes. These processes make the result very accurate, so skipping them reduces the overall accuracy of the results. We also do not make the calls to the search engines to find the newest or missed results as the goal of Quick Score is speed.

We have analyzed how the Quick Score differs from the standard score. We took 3000 of analyzed papers and compared their standard score with Quick Score. The results are provided in the image below.

Quick plagiarism score introduced

As you may see, there is a straightforward relation between these scores. Quick Score sometimes is bigger, sometimes – smaller. Still, it represents the detailed score. Taking into mind all the speed benefits that Quick Score provides, we have decided to include it into the plagiarism checking workflow.

What will you get with the standard check

Feature Quick Check Standard Check
Blazing-fast check Yes No
High accuracy No Yes
Highlighted similarities No Yes
Removed false-positives No Yes
Plagiarism report No Yes
Paraphrasing plagiarism check No Yes
Ability to share with the teacher No Yes
Citation score No Yes
Paraphrasing score No Yes
Plagiarism risk evaluation No Yes
Free check No Yes