Research plagiarism checker

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

If you have conducted scientific or any kind of research and intend on publishing it or giving it for review/evaluation, consider using a research plagiarism checker which is going to provide you with answers and details on the quality and originality of your document. Students, teachers, lecturers, professors and business people alike can benefit from this free software.

When there’s research, you have an increased risk of plagiarism and copy. You have to understand that scientific or mathematical analysis (or any analysis and research) is mostly based on principles, previous study and hypothesis and there aren’t that many ways of tackling and approaching issues or research. These factors are probably the main reason why plagiarism features research as one of the predominant spheres.

What can Plagramme do to help detect plagiarism in research?

First of all, our software is the best when it comes down to tracking down duplicates and copies.

  • Over 14 trillion articles and documents in our database
  • Over 120 languages we detect
  • Less than 3 minutes for an average check to complete (usually is a lot faster than that)
  • Thousands of documents checked daily

You are not going to find a better research paper plagiarism checker online which is also free and accessible without any tricks or hidden fees. Our detector works sophisticatedly and is tremendously useful so everyone can benefit from using it. Scholars of all sorts and people on the other side of the barricade all over the globe are utilizing plagiarism checkers into their routine. Once you upload the document, we check it for plagiarism and provide you with an in-depth report on the situation at hand.

If plagiarism is detected, what should you do?

In all honesty that is 100% up to you. We cannot force your hand or tell you what to do, but we can, however, give you the tools to see and fix everything that could raise any doubt about your text being non-original. If you put any research papers on our plagiarism detection if there is at least a tiniest bit of copy and duplication detected, we will let you know instantly. Our report shows the percentage points of how much of your research is at risk of plagiarism, what percentage is paraphrasing etc.

Your next course of action depends on your position. If you are a student, an individual or a representative of a company that needs to output unique and original research – you will have to change something. Now we have an online correction tool that could do the trick but if your text flashes in red and orange, you might have to rewrite or redo the research paper completely.

As far as an action plan for professors and people responsible for the evaluation of the research, if plagiarism is detected, you should act according to your protocol or logic. Either contact the author and confront them about the issue or evaluate the research accordingly.

Have questions? Send them our way and let’s get in touch!