Website content plagiarism checker

Mike Deep • November 6, 2019

If you are running a website or are planning to upload and publish some content there, consider using a website content plagiarism checker for your present and future content. It’s never too late to improve, and with future content, you have to be sure that you will be uploading the real deal. A website plagiarism checker works to ensure that you have the unique and valuable content on your website, representing your brand, business or activities. With original content, you get better SEO. Subsequently, the stream of website visitors increases and thus your profitability or popularity can rise.

Plagramme is a free online plagiarism checker that you can use for your website. With over 14 trillion articles and billions of pages of unique content, we can determine and locate plagiarism and copy with tremendous accuracy. As search engines become more and more sophisticated and readers have more and more information thrown their way, it is crucial that you have unique and original content to separate from the crowd.

Using a website plagiarism checker is beneficial for your site. By spotting the errors and issues with texts, any person can significantly improve almost every factor of their content without breaking a sweat. Web check on Plagramme is quick and straightforward. We can detect over 120 different languages with excellent accuracy. The detection system will highlight the instances of plagiarism and copy in your text and show you what needs to be fixed. Fixing is simple since there is an ‘online correction tool’ which can help you sort out and correct the mistakes that harm the originality of the text. There could be instances of plagiarism from other sites, paraphrasing or improper citations and a lot more that Plagramme can detect for you.

The best part about it? It’s free! Paying is not necessary since you can access the premium features by merely sharing the word about us on social media. While free access does allow you to use some of the elements (it’s what most other plagiarism checkers do not offer at all), if you are looking for long-term value and a basis to build on – opt-in for the Premium version to improve the content of your website tremendously!